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Where It All Started


I'm a local Realtor in Buffalo and my findings early on were that we were lacking a NEED that buyers,  home owners, sellers and landlords all wanted but didn't know who to call. HGTV has been around long enough that now, turn key and aesthetically  pleasing is what a buyer expects for their money.  Our homes in Buffalo are 100 years old + and all need a little to a lot of work. I help home owners to renovate for a higher sale (short term investment), I help buyers see the potential in homes they wouldn't have before, home owners who want to update their house or parts of it but don't know what to choose and landlords to update their units to get market value. All things considered I help people love the house they have, create the house of their dreams, or help sellers maximize their profit with as little spending as possible through my knowledge of working with Renter and Buyers and having great success in bringing this customized service to all people and guiding them through the process, all while saving a lot of money through affiliations I have - which leads to major discounts. 

Past Projects


Every project is different and is treated that way. Every person is different and is visually stimulated by different things. I find joy in seeing the final product, but, I like the process of getting to that point. 

My past projects have been an absolute pleasure.

In the end, clients are beyond thrilled with the results. I've found that there is a stage in the process where it does become a tad difficult for the client and that is: Bill paying time. However, with a side by side comparison of DIY'ing the project or hiring a long standing established company - you're going to be very happy with me looking at how much you've saved. 

My first year in Real Estate I had the opportunity to do whatever I wanted with a 2-unit house in Elmwood Village. I bid (against my mother, who's a long time interior designer and fabulous) and they went with my Single Family layout. I learned so much and we did very well. Bought for $130K and SOLD for $440K at the open house. 

Another house on a prominent street did not sell at market, I sent them a letter saying I could help and they chose me!  It didn't even have a showing at $360K, the Seller did a short term investment, I did my magic and it sold before going to market for $495K cash. 

I helped a landlord improve her building and 3rd floor unit that was renting at $800/month by, again, doing my magic and it just rented for $1,500/month. She's very happy!

Even if it's choosing a paint color, cabinet color, tile, knobs...whatever it is, always consult first, as this is a large asset and doing things the right way is important. 

Fun Facts


Did You Know?

  • One tester size jar of paint with full coverage can fully covered 2 sides of one door!  This is a great tip for keeping your front door looking fresh.  When I need to instantly change the exterior - the front door is where I start!
  • Benjamin Moore is the ultimate in color specialization, in my opinion. I love to use their color palates when creating a home palate. Other paint companies have wonderful colors as well, always look at all your color options!
  • Lighting, next to color, is the most important part of design, in my opinion and practice. Sometimes I even start a project or a whole house renovation based off of the inspiration of one light fixture. An investment, yes. Used everyday, yes. Worth the money due to times used, definitely. Will sell your home better and for higher, YES. Proven track record. 
  • Tile: Is a funny thing. You can spend very little by using an inexpensive tile and implementing a design. You can cut any tile to any shape. The possibilities with tile are endless. 
  • Treat yourself to a blissful shower experience!  A new tiled surround shower of your dreams is not out of reach for anyone! Just ask me! 
  • Changing Bathroom Floors when they look like they've had their use, is necessary, inexpensive and a nice new clean floor is something we all need and deserve in a lifetime! There are so many choices: vinyl roll out is great for cleaning and can be changed easily, ceramic tiles, natural stone, concrete, and more!
  • Most people sort of know what they want, but, don't have the courage to order and start the process. Rightfully so!! I can get it for a fraction of the price, from the same vendor or a different vendor same product and I have a full insured professional construction company who will pick up the tile and knows exactly what to do with it. 
  • I oversee ALL of my design job sites, very regularly, if not daily. 

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